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Adrien Brody stars in Stephen King's television adaptation of 'Jerusalem's Lot'

Updated: Aug 30, 2021

Academy alumni Adrien Brody (Specialized Training in 1993) is consumed by darkness in a harrowing mystery television series based on Stephen King’s “Jerusalem’s Lot.” The show takes place in the 1850s, following sea captain Charles Boone, played by Mr. Brody, as he moves back with his children to Maine after losing his wife. As they settle into the town, they find their neighbors are plagued by horrific visions. Everyone struggles with their own inner demons, trying to keep sane as each day passes into the next.

“I love the transition,” Mr. Brody explains in an interview over Charles’ slow-burn realization that the horrific events aren’t all delusions. “He unravels, and then the whole world starts to unravel around them.”

Adrien Brody won an Oscar back in 2002 for his role in “The Pianist” but you can also find him in critically acclaimed movies such as “The Grand Budapest Hotel (2014)” and “The Darjeeling Unlimited (2007)” both directed by Wes Anderson.


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