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Eric Roberts joins second season of 'The Righteous Gemstones'

HBO has a long-standing tradition of creating cutting-edge television that is both accessible and high-brow.

In 2019, Danny McBride's "The Righteous Gemstones" premiered on HBO. A black comedy, the show satirizes televangelists through a fictional family; the Gemstones. John Goodman stars as patriarch Eli Gemstone, and he is joined by Edi Patterson, Adam Devine, and creator and writer Danny McBride.

Eric Roberts was nominated for the Best Actor in a Supporting Role Oscar in 1986 for his work in "Runaway Train." He is credited 624 film and television appearances including "The Dark Knight," "Inherent Vice," and "The Expendables." Roberts joins the show alongside Eric André and Jason Schwartzman.


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