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Momus Media's "Heated"

Created for the 48 hour film festival, “Heated” (a short) marks Momus Media’s latest production. The film shows two siblings at home during the early stages of an impending disaster, while they wait for their mother to return home. They debate whether they should stay or leave-- with or without their mother.

The team - consisting entirely of Academy graduates and students - includes: Charlotte Hendrickx (Class of 2019) making her directing debut, screenplay by Duke Daniel Pierce (Class of 2020) and Oliver Boon (Class of 2019), production credit for Fabrizio Daniele (Class of 2019), Dominic Peloso (Class of 2019), Oliver Boon, Charlotte Hendrickx, and Yasmin Le Comte (Class of 2019), sound mixing by Oliver Boon, cinematography by Dominic Peloso, editing duties fulfilled by Katherine J. Espin (Class of 2020), Jakob Maria Fecht (Class of 2020), and Fabrizio Daniele, respectively.

Featuring the acting talent of Autumn Ivy Hobson (current student), Jason Gratias (Class of 2019), Jasmine Haver (Class of 2018), and Anne Allison (Class of 2019).

Tickets (and audience voting!) available here until Wednesday evening.


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