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Sandy Martin Delights Audiences in 'Luca'

Pixar films have a certain zest to them. A rhyming color scheme. A hopeful score. "Up" and "Wall-E" may come to mind—and for good reason. They represent a watershed moment for many of us. (I still remember the first time I heard Michael Giacchino’s score in "Up.") And today, another film from Pixar Studios comes to the fore: "Luca." A gorgeous film full of humor and heart, laughs and love, this 90-minute emotional rollercoaster comes just in time for the summer.

The masterful landscapes of "Luca" were tailor-made to perfection. (Remember those Apple commercials from the early days of iPad? It’s like those, times 10.) These breathtaking, harmonious visuals uplift the coming-of-age story of the titular character, played by Jacob Tremblay. His youthful spirit and unwavering optimism work in tandem with his cast mates. The foil, Ercole Visconti, has a certain vanity that is thoroughly delightful. And, of course, this review wouldn’t be complete without a plug. Our very own Sandy Martin (Class of 1969) reins in these hooligans with wit, bravado, and a little bit of courage. (With a knack for playing grannies, catch the wonderful Sandy Martin in the 2004 comedy film "Napoleon Dynamite.")

A powerful reminder of the joy of storytelling, don’t miss out on "Luca," streaming exclusively on Disney+.


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