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Alumni on Showtime's "Ray Donovan"

Photo Credit: Showtime

With the release of the Ray Donovan TV Movie on January 14, we take a look back at all of The Academy’s alumni and past students who have appeared on the show:

Photo Credit: IMDb

Katherine Moening (Class of 1998) plays Lena who is one of Ray’s closest confidants and handles the research for his office. “She is a no-nonsense lesbian who is both sexy and tough….” Moening was in 75 episodes throughout the show’s seven-season run and will appear again in the tv-movie.

Hank Azaria (Specialized Training 1980) joined the cast in season two as the cocky Los Angeles FBI director who vows to bring down Ray Donovan and his father Mickey. Azaria appeared in a total of 14 episodes through season four.

Photo Credit: IMDb

Season six saw the arrival of the flamboyant Sandy Patrick played by Sandy Martin (Class of 1969). The part was written for Martin after the show’s producers were impressed by a previous audition. Sandy Patrick was Mickey Donovan’s former sister-in-law and had the remarkable power to pull his guard down, often leading to trouble.

Past student Brooke Smith was there at the start of the show, beginning in the second episode of the first season. She played a nurse, Frances, who reluctantly fell in love with Ray’s brother Terry. Brooke would go on to appear in 13 episodes throughout three seasons.

Also in season six, Max Casella (Class of 1987) portrayed an undercover cop who tries to get crooked officer Sean ‘Mac’ McGrath involved in a sting operation.

Photo Credit: IMDb

Eion Bailey (Class of 1996) played Steve Knight, a charismatic motivational speaker/self-help guru who enlists the help of Ray throughout season two. He was known for his charming behavior and was well-loved by fans, even if he was only on the show for a limited time.

Also, Tom Bower (Class of 1957) portrayed Judge Roger Wettick, a man who takes part in helping Ray and Mickey with releasing Terry from prison in season three. Chris Browning (Class of 1989) got to play a “cowboy pimp” known as Gary Royal in the third season. Adam Meir (Class of 2005) portrayed the odd, mime-like street-performer known as Brazen the Clown, who tries to steal Terry’s cellphone before fearfully giving it back. Finally, Vico Ortiz (Class of 2011) portrayed a drunk woman while some of the show’s characters go for a night on the town.

The tv-movie premieres Friday, January 14th on Showtime.

Alex Matthews contributed to this piece.


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