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Grace Kelly and Thelma Ritter in 'Rear Window'

Every week we like to look back at one of our most recognizable and celebrated alumni collaborations in history.

This Thursday we have such an exciting and legendary collaboration, with Grace Kelly as Lisa Carol Fremont and Thelma Ritter as Stella in Alfred Hitchcock’s ‘Rear Window’. The movie premiered in 1954 and is considered one of Hitchcock’s best, and one of the greatest films ever made.

Fun fact: The only movie in which Grace Kelly is seen with a cigarette. She refused to smoke in movies, except this one. According to Thelma Ritter, Sir Alfred Hitchcock never told actors and actresses if he liked what they did in a scene, and if he didn't like it, "he looked like he was going to throw up."

Article originally published on The Academy's alumni instagram.


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