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Interview with Fabrizio Daniele Over Inspiring Film 'Enough'

Updated: Sep 21, 2021

The News team recently got to interview actor, director, executive producer, and recent graduate Fabrizio Daniele (Class of 2019) on his new short film, “Enough,” which involved numerous Academy graduates during production. Directed by Daniele and written alongside Autumn Ivy Hobson (Class of 2020), who also stars in the lead role. The short was produced by Charlotte Hendrickx (Class of 2019) and Oliver Boon (Class of 2019).

“Enough” follows a young actress struggling with self-doubt as she’s about to perform in front of an audience.

When asked what Mr. Daniele and Ms. Hobson wanted to convey with the story, he said, “I’ve always been very curious about the human mind and how it works,” he explained. “I wanted to create a short story that will make people think the next time they look in the mirror and judge themselves or the next time they don’t like themselves.”

The beautiful short has won many awards, including “Best Drama Short” and “Best First Time Director” for the Global Film Festival in Los Angeles as well as “Best Drama Short” for the Golden Nugget Film Festival.

“What was really surprising was that we had no interest in creating anything big,” he said, “But when we realized what a beautiful little story we created, we saw the potential. I just wish everyone who has a story to tell, that they take risks and just do it!”

You can watch the short with this link:

Fabrizio Daniele is currently working on a German version of “Don’t Dress For Dinner” (which was his last Company play) at in Los Angeles. The show opens on September 30th and will run for 16 performances.


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