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Julia Margaret Releases Single 'Lost Myself'

“I don’t know where I lost control, I guess I gave that up to be with that someone I’m dreamin’ of…” - “Lost Myself” by Julia Margaret

Last year then-Company member Julia then-Szucs-now-Margaret (Class of 2021), was gearing up to appear in Midsummer Night’s Dream in the last series of the calendar year before going on break when her car was unfortunately struck at a stop light, leaving her with injuries that would not heal in enough time for her to do the show. A loss to the production, certainly; however, during her downtime, she remained active, “I decided to still do something creative if I could,” Jules told me. “I had written six songs beforehand, but I wrote this one night during that weird time period, I reached out to a producer I know for tips… I wanted to educate myself on how to do it right if I wanted to pursue recording it.”

Interest peaked, the producer asked Jules to send over demos and was so taken by what she had created that he decided to produce it himself. Jules, self-taught on guitar and piano, had the basic chords written, “...but together we collaborated, and he brought the instruments to life. [It] was originally written as a ballad, and I wanted to keep that but I also loved adding some folk-pop stuff in there.” The final product was the single “Lost Myself,” released last Friday.

The song is about losing oneself in an abusive relationship and domestic abuse, “[it’s] more of a ballad where you finally recognize how there is nothing left of you [as you’re] being so hopeful and holding onto the person you fell in love with.”

Jules hadn’t planned on releasing the song, but all the pieces just fell into place, “I wanted to see the project through, so I wanted to release it… and I’m glad I [did].” There were two producers on the project, Martin de la Puta and Fede Giordano, “and the amazing photographer Sadswim [took] pictures for the cover and project release.”

“Lost Myself” is available to stream on Spotify, Apple Music, and Amazon Music.


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