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Nelson Lee: business bro turned Disney, CW actor

Updated: Jun 12, 2021

Nelson Lee (Class of 2001) has found considerable success over the past two decades, working in high-profile projects that have garnered widespread acclaim from critics and a devout following from viewers. This past year, Lee played the Chancellor in Disney’s live-action remake of the 1990's animated film “Mulan.” Following an arduous audition process that involved Lee screen-testing multiple times over the course of a year, he finally received word from his agent while starring in a play in Pittsburgh.

The talented Mr. Lee has also appeared in 8 episodes of the CW’s “Stargirl,” playing the role of supervillain Dragon King / Dr. Shiro Ito. The series has been renewed for a second season, with an anticipated release of August 10th. In addition to this, Lee has appeared in HBO’s flagship series “Westworld,” the TNT series “Claws,” and as Shen in “Blade”—a breakout role that helped launch his career.

When he was younger, Lee never imagined he would work professionally as an actor, preferring to see it as a hobby. “It was something I never pursued or thought of pursuing when I was a child because it was too scary, I couldn’t even wrap my mind around doing it as a profession,” he says. After studying business and philosophy at university, Lee vacationed to Europe where he had an “aha” moment. He changed his path entirely, making the choice to try his hand at acting. We’re certainly glad he did.

Lee will star in the upcoming high-concept sci-fi series “Five Below” alongside actress Krista Allen.


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