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Paul Rudd's Cameo in 'Night at the Museum'

Updated: Oct 19, 2020

A few nights ago, I took it upon to myself to revisit a childhood classic: "Night at the Museum", the Ben Stiller fantasy-comedy from 2006. I remembered the most iconic bits-- the RC Car taming of 'Rexy', Mickey Rooney's use of "hopscotch" and "lunchbox" as the most painful of insults, and the magic-loving, hug-needing Attila the Hun.

But one scene takes the cake. Paul Rudd's delightful performance as Don (the bluetooth wearing Wall Street Exec) leaves us wanting more. In 30 seconds, the 1991 grad pulls off as many tricks as an actor can: slapstick, painfully dry puns, and a near perfect execution of the "buffoon" archetype.

The scene-- no matter how brief-- is an absolute treat. And yes, he shows up again.


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