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Week Two of our Salute to Women's History Month!

The Actors Society has put together an Alumna Roundtable to celebrate Women’s History Month. We have asked our alumni panelists to detail their experience as women and artists by answering several questions curated by alumna Yasmin Le Comte (Class of 2019).

We continue this week with 1987 graduate Anne Fizzard; a cartoonist and writer on numerous projects and publications (including the esteemed magazine The New Yorker), and Class of 2020 alumna Alejandra Mercado; founder of AMA Casa de Teatro, a theater company dedicated to uplifting the stories of women.

The value of their insight can’t be overstated!

Who are the women that you admire and why?

Anne Fizzard:

Throughout history and in my own life, that's a very long list. The women I admire all have certain qualities in common: they are strong, intelligent, liberal, and persistent, often in the face of great challenges. Many of them are also highly creative. And many of them are very funny.

Alejandra Mercado:

I would love to mention two specific women whose philosophy has changed my life. The first one is my mother; she reminds me that every time I can’t find myself, I should give myself to help others, and in the process of that I will remember my place in the world. The second is Anne Hathaway; she inspires me every day to stay connected to my passion as an actor, and to use my voice to fight for those who can’t. I admire all women just for being one, and for surviving in a society run by men. I celebrate the lives of all those who fight every day to be better people, mothers, professionals, leaders, and especially the ones that fight every day to stay faithful to who they are and manifest their natural freedom.

Stay tuned for our final question going live next week.


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