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Alex Pettyfer Brings On the Action in Two Upcoming Films

Talented actor and Academy Alumni Alex Pettyfer (Class of 2004) will star in two new fast-paced films, “Warning” and “The Chelsea Cowboy!"

“Warning” takes place in the future when life begins to unravel for humanity as technology begins to go haywire, leading to catastrophic events. The film stars other talented actors like Annabelle Wallis, Alice Eve, and Thomas Jane and is set to premiere on October 22nd, 2021.

Mr. Pettyfer’s second film to release, “The Chelsea Cowboy,” follows the rise and fall of a criminal turned actor named John Bindon, who after having a successful career as an actor, was unable to leave his crimes in the past. Executive producers include Idris Elba and Victor Glynn, and it will be directed by Ben Cookson, who stated:

“The team and I are delighted to welcome such a plethora of British talent on board,” he said. “We have an exciting mix of youth and experience, with more names to come in the next few weeks.”

A release date for this film has not yet been set.

While waiting for “Warning” and “The Chelsea Cowboy” to release, you can check out some of Alex Pettyfer’s other roles, such as John in the “I Am Number Four” movie, Adam in “Magic Mike,” and Alex Rider in “Stormbreaker.”


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