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Alumni in Summer Shows

This summer get out to see these wonderful theatrical productions featuring alumni all across Los Angeles and New York.

The Desperate Hours is a gripping and taut thriller, about a trio of escaped bank robbers taking a suburban family and holding them, hostage, by turning their tranquil, secluded home into a secret hideout from the law. Father, mother, daughter, and son are captive and have their mettle tested as they try to prevail over a terrifying situation.

The show features Class of 2020 alumni Mason Kennerly, Kat Kemmet, and Duke Pierce. It is directed by Jules Aaron, who often guest-directs at The Academy. You can find more information and tickets here.

“She is uniquely radical and extremely driven, considering her circumstances. She is not only peculiar in manner but also in spirit and determination.” Alumnus Aida Leventak (‘17) discusses her character in the new Irish Rep Show Belfast Girls, now playing in NY. Belfast Girls follows five young women sailing out on their own as they venture from Belfast, Ireland, to Sydney, Australia, in 1850. They are seeking new lives now that their homeland is stricken with poverty following The Great Famine. You can read the Page's own, Alex Matthews' entire interview here, and get tickets here.

Grayson Kennedy (Class of 2022) has directed a cast that is entirely alumni in Ascension Day for this year’s LA Fringe Festival. The play examines the different kinds of faith through each character, whether it be faith in the church community or a ridiculous faith that aliens are speaking to us. This play challenges the audience to re-examine their own long-standing beliefs in all facets and to strive towards curiosity and away from complacency. The play has limited showings so get your tickets here now!

Running May 26th - June 26th, South Pasadena Theater's production of "Our Country's Good" features Class of 2020 alumna Grace Hawthorn.

The play follows the true story of a Royal Marine lieutenant attempting to put on the first play in the penal colony of Australia in 1789. He casts a group of convicts to put on a restoration comedy in celebration of King George’s birthday, and he must convince the British officers, as well as the convicts the value of such an endeavor. You can find more information and tickets here.


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