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Amie Enriquez Makes Off-Broadway Debut of Solo Show 'Lightweight'

Academy alumnus Amie Enriquez (Class of 2002) was excited to share that her dark-comedy solo show, “Lightweight,” will make its off-broadway debut as part of the United Solo Festival.

The solo show, taking place in 2001, is based on Enriquez’s hard battle against anorexia and addiction while also dealing with the stresses of post 9/11 New York City. After turning to a treatment center, Enriquez introduces us to a dozen supporting characters, including her fellow patients, parents, and facility staff. Once everyone in the center gets well enough to leave, all except for her, she must find the strength to heal within herself. The show was written by Enriquez but is directed by award-winning actress and playwright Lauren Weedman. (“Euphoria” + “Arrested Development”)

“After a decade + battle with anorexia and bulimia, I was finally in a healthy place both

mentally and physically,” said Enriquez. “I knew that I wanted to share my story to help others and shed light on the most deadly of mental diseases that are rarely discussed, but not until I

remained stable in this healthy place for a few consistent years. I wanted to show the world what recovery honestly looked like, so ‘Lightweight’ was born.”

“Lightweight” had two successful sold-out runs in Los Angeles, but now it will finally be performed in New York City. It debuts November 9th (now sold out) and November 14th at Theater Row, located at 410 W 42nd Street. Doors open at 9:15, and the curtain opens at 9:30 pm. Ticket information can be found here!


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