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Watch Chris Bauer in 'Sprung'

Photo Credit: Freeve

“Mom wants dessert, so don’t be surprised if you see me in a few minutes.”

Chris Bauer (Class of 1988) has a recurring role in Freevee’s new comedy Sprung. The show follows a group of inmates that are released during the Coronavirus Pandemic following an edict from the Governor of New York granting freedom to non-violent inmates. Jack has been in the can for twenty years for dealing a drug that is no longer illegal and has nowhere to go, luckily his now-former cellmate, Rooster, has an extra room at his mom’s, Barb, place. Along the way, they pick up Gloria, who Jack had started a relationship with through the toilet in prison, a relationship that is founded on lies Jack told her.

Jack is not a criminal. He wishes to lead an everyday life, however, in order to eat and sleep under Barb’s roof, he must earn his keep by joining her crew and once again turn to a life of crime and stealing. He does so with the caveat that they only steal from bad people.

Bauer appears first in episode four as Barb’s head-over-heals next-door neighbor, Stan. Barb and Stan have a history of heated passion at moments that are convenient for Barb but leave Stan wanting more. He is slated to appear in four of the nine episodes.

The show is a scathing social commentary that examines the pandemic from all sides with 20/20 hindsight vision. Two new episodes drop every Friday, only on Freevee. Watch the trailer here.


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