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Bosch Returns with Academy Alumni

Updated: Jun 9, 2022

The world's favorite working-class detective is back but this time he’s “doing things his way.” No longer bogged down by the bureaucracy that plaques the Los Angeles Police Department, Harry Bosch has opened up shop as an “unlisted” private investigator, in Freevee’s Bosch spin-off Bosch: Legacy. The show continues where Bosch left off, making it more of a new chapter of the character rather than a “true” spin-off.

A lot of the same characters return, I won’t mention who because they are framed as “fan surprises” throughout the show, but one notable one is the one-time enemy of Harry, attorney Honey Chandler. Except for this time they are working together to bring down Honey’s attacker and the person who tried to kill Bosch’s daughter.

One of the side-plots has Bosch tracking down the long-lost son of billionaire Whitney Vance played by Class of 1961 alumnus William Devane. Vance is dying and he must quickly attempt to right his wrongs and find the rightful heir to his fortune and aviation kingdom, however, there are many in the company who would like to see that not happen. Along the course of Bosch’s investigation, he comes across an old hermit war buddy of the long-lost son, who served in Vietnam. This old gardening hermit is played by alumnus John Savage (Class of 1969).

William Devane has been a reliable character actor for over fifty years with substantial roles in such films as Robert Altman’s McCabe & Mrs. Miller, Marathon Man (starring Dustin Hoffman & Laurence Olivier), and Christopher Nolan’s Sci-Fi adventure Interstellar; as well as reoccurring roles on television’s Knots Landing and 24.

John Savage has over 230 credits to his name some of them including such film classics as The Deer Hunter (starring Robert DeNiro, Christopher Walken, & John Cazale), Milos Forman’s Hair, the trilogy ending The Godfather: Part III, and the alumni-riddled The Thin Red Line. He has also had a recurring role CBS’ Seal Team and a hit on an episode of Amazon’s Billy Bob Thorton-led Goliath.

The full first season of Bosh: Legacy is available to stream for free on Freevee. You can watch the trailer here.


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