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Brett Goldstein scores big in 'Ted Lasso' as Roy Kent

Updated: Sep 6, 2021

Watch for academy alumnus Brett Goldstein (Past Student) in the show that warmed the world’s hearts during the dark pandemic, “Ted Lasso.” He started off as a writer for the show, but now he stars as intimidating soccer veteran Roy Kent. As he wrote the “tough guy” character, he started to realize he was meant to play him. He emailed a self-taped audition of five scenes to the production team and obviously, they also knew he was meant to play Roy Kent.

Mr. Goldstein has received a Best Supporting Actor in a Comedy Series Emmy nomination, which has changed his career forever. His acting work also includes playing Bob in “Superbob” and Brendan in “Adult Life Skills.”

This is what Mr. Goldstein had to say about his realization on why he should play the character:

“I felt him,” Goldstein says. “It was partly that I felt like I understood him. I won’t name them, but we have family friends who are professional footballers, so I grew up around these types. I was around when they retired, and I know how difficult that transition is.”

You can watch him in “Ted Lasso” exclusively on AppleTV+ today!


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