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"Shrinking" with Brett Goldstein

Photo Credits: The Hollywood Reporter & IMDb

“I'm interested in the kind of boundaries of [therapy] and the uniqueness of the relationship between the therapist and the patient and how you can be so close and yet not. In the world of this comedy, we can play with that a bit.” Brett Goldstein for Slash Film

The other night I sat down to watch an episode of Brett Goldstein's (Specialized Training 2003) new Apple+ show Shrinking, knowing that I needed to write about it. I told myself that I would just watch one episode to get a feel for it, and then I could run lines before bed. That’s not what happened. Before I knew it, I had blown through all three available episodes of this whimsical, funny, poignant show - wishing there was just one more I could watch.

Created & written by Bill Lawrence, Jason Segel, & Goldstein, the show employs dark humor as it follows a grieving therapist, Jimmy (Segel), who lost his wife a year ago and is now trying to get his life together and reconnect with his daughter. In his practice, he begins to implement brass and slightly unethical tactics to help his patients overcome their ailments with success, then failure, then success again, and then maybe back to failure? We are introduced to his co-worker, the peppy Gabby (Jessica Williams), who is always drinking water, and his grumpy boss Paul (Harrison Ford), who is trying to balance his personal friendship with Jimmy and his opposition to Jimmy’s unethical tactics.

New episodes are released Friday… which means there's a new one tomorrow! Watch the trailer below.


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