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Warren Burke in 'Dead for a Dollar'

Rachel Brosnahan. Christoph Waltz, & Warren Burke, Photo Credit: LA Times

“I'm not going to lie, it was pretty complex. It was something that I really wanted to take my time with….But I took it as a challenge that I was very much up for, and did a lot of research, a lot of work.”

Class of 2010 alumnus Warren Burke can be seen starring next to acting titans Christoph Waltz and Willem Dafoe in Walter Hill’s new film Dead for a Dollar. The western follows bounty hunter Max Borlund (Waltz) and Sergeant Poe (Burke) as they venture into Mexico to retrieve a kidnapped woman, played by Rachel Broshahn. Many dangers lie in wait for these men as they make their journey, including Joe Cribbens, a dangerous outlaw that Borlund once sent to prison. The film was written and directed by Walter Hill, who is most remembered for the films he made in the 1970s and ‘80s, such as Hard Times, The Warriors, and 48 Hrs.

To promote the movie, Burke, along with his fellow castmates and director, appeared on a panel hosted by Screen Rant. When asked about the moral complexity of his character and his situation, Burke evoked a lesson that he has carried with him from his time at The Academy, “ I think about my very first acting teacher, his name's Harvey Solin…, [h]e said ‘People problems are actor problems, and actor problems are people problems.’”

Burke has been working consistently on television the past few years on such shows as NBC’s Abby’s, BET’s Bigger, and CBS’ The Neighborhood. He also has a recurring role as Uncle Daniel on Netflix’s Family Reunion.

Dead for a Dollar is in theaters now and is available to rent on Amazon Prime Video. Watch the trailer here.


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