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Carin Misterly Joins The Pages

They often say when you are a Jack of All Trades, you are a master of none, but this native Californian Polymath proves that saying wrong. Academy Pages welcomes our newest articles contributor, Carin Misterly to the team. Her writing travels have taken her through many industries, but she tends to always come back to Entertainment. She has worked as a sculptor and scenic artist for events such as The Academy Awards and The Golden Globes, the E3 Tradeshow, and San Diego's Comic-Con, and has performed on large and small stages as a musician and vocalist. At an early age, Carin knew that her various artforms were going to play a huge role in her life, and she faced a hard decision between her love of Marine Biology and making movies. It was her love entertaining the masses that won out, and she focused her training on music conservatory and film school programs while in college. A love of comedy and playwriting started when she was very young and has carried this love throughout her life. After moving back to Los Angeles in 2002, she found herself wanting to elevate her writing to the same level as her physical and musical art.


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