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Humor: Director Re-Imagines Macbeth to Relate to Younger Generations

Updated: Nov 12, 2020

Ask any director tasked with bringing one of Shakespeare’s greatest works to life on the stage and they will tell you; there is a heavy weight of responsibility of doing the story justice while also trying to maintain a sense of relatability to the audience.

But according to the director, the answer was quite simple. “Anyone with a Netflix account will tell you,” he says, “a re-hashed, young adult story is the cheat code for young audience’s attention.”

It may not be the most orthodox interpretation of the Scottish Play, but second year student Lena [Lady Macbeth] claims there is a method to their madness.

“I mean, these characters were ahead of their time,” she said, “and when you really look deep into it, Lady Macbeth was somewhat of a girl-boss. Young women LOVE that!”

From Cawdor Castle to Cawdor High, the change of scenery had sparked confusion among the crew. “I honestly thought maybe it was a typo when they requested juuls… and not jewels,” props manager Claire told us.

It was rather unusual to see students Hayley, Kristin, and Mya [the Weird Sisters], walking on stage in black hoodies, ripped jeans, and combat boots, stalking around Jonathan [Macbeth] who sported a letterman’s jacket.

“The witches are angsty and observant outcasts, like many misunderstood young people,” Jonathan explained, “and Macbeth is the flawed, privileged, upper-class jock with a journey of self-discovery.”

Audiences reported, “Did they even read the play?”


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