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Illeana Douglas Plays Match-Maker in "Just One Kiss"

Douglas & Turturro in 'Just One Kiss' Photo Credit: Hallmark Channel

“I have to say, I’m such a fan of the Hallmark movies, I manifested it. I’m so thrilled… all my life I’ve wanted to be in a Hallmark movie. They’re so much fun and they just harken back to a time of classic film, this one in particular. That's what I love. It's something everyone in the family can watch.”

Illeana Douglas stars in Hallmark’s new musical romantic comedy, Just One Kiss. The film follows mothers Marlene Schwartz Rivera (Douglas) and Sofia Romano (Aida Turturro) as they try and set up their polar opposite children Mia (Krysta Rodriguez) and Tony (Santino Fontana).

Of Hollywood royalty, the granddaughter of famed actor of Hollywood’s “Golden Era, Melvyn Douglas,” Illeana has appeared in such films as Goodfellas, Quiz Show, Stir of Echoes, Alive, and Cape Fear. As well as appearing on tv’s Goliath, Entourage, Chasing Life, and Modern Family.

The movie premiered on April 2nd, 2022, and can be viewed on the Hallmark Channel. Watch the trailer here.


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