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Lucile Watson & Rosalind Russell in 'The Women'

Every week we like to look back at one of our most recognizable and celebrated alumni collaborations in history.

This week we would like to highlight a film that aligns with Women's History Month. We couldn’t have picked a more fitting movie than ‘The Women’ with Lucile Watson (Class of 1902) and Rosalind Russell (Class of 1929). The movie premiered in 1939 with more than 130 roles, all played by women. In addition to its all-female cast, several of the animals that were used in the film (the many dogs and horses) were female as well.

Fun fact: A couple of times women refer to other women disparagingly as a "beezle." This wasn't 1930s slang, it is a word invented for this movie because the censors wouldn't permit the use of the word "bitch" or any actual synonym.

Article originally published at The Academy's Alumni Facebook Page.


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