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Nick Cassavetes stars in 'The Prisoners of the Ghostland'

Ready to enter a wild world filled with deadly samurai, cowboy outlaws, and crazy bandits? Then make sure to check out alumni Nick Cassavetes (Class of 1980) in the new psychological-horror action film “The Prisoners of the Ghostland.”

Directed by the acclaimed director Sion Sono, the film follows a bank robber, played by Nicolas Cage, after being released from jail to help a wealthy warlord find his granddaughter. The bandit has three days to find her before his necklace self-destructs, ending his mission permanently. Many people stand in his way as he enters the hostile world of the Ghostland, filled with danger around every corner.

(Photo credit to Entertainment Weekly.)

Nick Cassavetes plays one of the psychos that Nicolas Cage must engage. In an interview with Entertainment Weekly, Mr. Cage talked about what it was like working with Mr. Cassavetes:

“...I think what Nick has managed to achieve with his own filmmaking in his own right is remarkable, and I do hope I get to work with him one day on that level. But he brings it, man, he brings so much to his movie performances. I mean, he really cares. I was very happy that he was in the movie with me.”

The movie can be watched on the horror streaming service, Shudder, or check out the trailer here.


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