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'Twins' sequel in development with Danny Devito

Updated: Sep 26, 2021

The Academy’s very own Danny DeVito (Class of 1966) is back twinning alongside Arnold Schwarznegger thirty-three years after the original release of the comedy “Twins” in 1988. For the sequel, entitled “Triplets,” the twins find their long-lost sibling played by the hilarious Tracy Morgan.

After a long period since the success of the original film back in the late ‘80s, directed by Ivan Reitman, Mr. Schwarznegger and Eddie Murphy met up to talk about sequels. They had a solid script put together, but with the success of Mr. Murphy’s “Coming to America 2,” he had to leave the project. That’s when Tracy Morgan stepped, knowing he could take on the role, and they rewrote the whole script to make it perfect for him.

This is the premise that they released to the public:

“Secretly, there was a third baby born, a black baby, who hasn’t been in touch with his siblings,” Mr. Reitman shared. “They don’t know each other and very early in the movie they meet and it’s how they achieve a bond together after all these years. It’s really a film about family and no matter how different we all are, we have to learn to get along. These guys have great chemistry together, and you can see that in the reel, and how much energy they bring out in each other.”

Mr. Reitman also announced that the film will be shot independently just like the first film was. He continued on in the interview with a smile, “I had a great time doing the first one, and this is going to be fun.”


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