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Humor: Zoom Rehearsal Results in Heavy Rewrites to 'Henry V'

Updated: Nov 12, 2020

Photo: Derek (King Henry) in performance.

While rehearsing for an upcoming Zoom reading of “Henry V,” several students have taken it upon themselves to improve the antiquated script.

"We were just so stuck... nothing was working until he [Derek] came to our rescue," says Jessica, second year student and self-proclaimed "friend" of the rising star.

Derek, the actor playing King Henry, has been humble in his response. "I really can't take all the credit. My internet cut out, so I just started making sounds," he said.

The puzzling situation was brought to light by several reenactments. "Well it sounded kind of like this: 'IaP89QnY7qiQP11092-AvVx1'", said Mark, a fellow student, while attempting to buffer, "I don't know... you just had to be there," he continued.

His teacher, weeping over his nuanced performance, managed a single word: “Truth.”

Derek has been placed on the Dean's List for his work, and is rumored to receive free tuition for the upcoming semester.


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