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Halloween Film Watch List

There’s no better way to spend the spookiest nights of the year than watching Halloween movies. The Academy is very proud of all of our alumni who have appeared in the scariest tales on screen, so grab some candy and enjoy some films from this list!

“Halloween: The Curse of Michael Myers” stars the never-aging and always spectacular Paul Rudd ('91). The newest film in this series, “Halloween Kills,” is now in theaters and on Peacock, the streaming service. (Photo Credit: IMDB)

Scared of clowns? So is the incredible Jessica Chastain ('98) in "It: Chapter Two." (Photo Credit: IMDB)

Matthew Lillard ('90) is no stranger to scary films, starring in the original “Scream” as well as the live-action “Scooby-Doo” movies as Shaggy. (Photo Credit: IMDB)

Looking for a light-hearted Halloween film? Then stay away from the psychological horror classic, “Rosemary’s Baby” starring John Cassavetes ('50) and Ruth Gordon ('14.) (Photo Credit: IMDB)

Alfred Hitchcock brought a horror classic to the screens in 1963 called, “The Birds,” which stars Ruth McDevitt and Elizabeth Wilson. Mrs. Wilson also starred in the 1991 classic “The Addams Family.” (Photo Credit: IMDB)

If you’ve watched too much “Twilight” but are still interested in vampires but with comedy, check out Anne Bancroft ('50) in “Dracula: Dead and Loving It.” (Photo Credit: IMDB)

Jeremy Davies stars in the upcoming horror film, “The Black Phone,” which stars Ethan Hawke as a kidnapping magician. Sadly, it doesn’t come out until February of 2022, but make sure to check out the trailer to get excited about it! (Photo Credit: IMDB)

We hope you have a spooky and safe Halloween!


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