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Surprise in 'Thor: Love and Thunder’

Photo Credit: Collider

Spoiler Alert! Okay, if you have not seen Thor: Love and Thunder, don’t say we didn’t warn you.

The new Thor movie is brought to us by the inventive mind of Taika Waititi, who has infused this space odyssey with the psychedelic atmosphere that helped make the comics what they are. The fourth entry into the Thor franchise sees the god go up against Gorr the God Butcher who is determined to render all gods extinct. Thor is helped in his fight by friends he’s met along the way in his other battles, as well as past girlfriend Jane Foster, who now possesses his godly powers.

Part of the plot of the new Marvel movie sees Thor visit the Omnipotent City, where gods across all religions and cultures like to hang out. He is there to warn and seek help in fighting Gorr, who is coming to kill them. The gods don’t take Thor seriously, and Zeus, played by Russell Crowe, orders him to be arrested. Well, Thor and friends don’t take kindly to this and fight off Zeus’ minions, taking his lightning bolt and neutralizing him with it so they can escape with the famous bolt. Of course, Thor and friends fight and defeat Gorr, and there’s a happy ending. Except Zeus is not very pleased with Thor and tasks his son Hercules to track Thor down and kill him. Cue Ted Lasso star and Academy Past student Brett Goldstein (Specialized Training 2003). In a brief mid-credits scene, which is a famous Marvel stamp, a chiseled Goldstein is revealed to set up what indeed will be an intense showdown between the gods in the next film.

Thor: Love and Thunder is now playing in theaters across the world. Watch the trailer here.

Photo Credit: People

Brett Goldstein is an actor and writer on the rise known for his heartfelt portrayal of Roy Kent in Apple TV+'s Ted Lasso, where he also serves as a writer on several episodes. This year will also see the release of another show he helped write on Apple TV+, Shrinking, starring Harrison Ford and Jason Segel. He has also made appearances on Doctor Who and Robot Chicken.


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