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Academy's Ethan Williams, Roshan Mathews, and Sarah Paulson Celebrate Respective Wins

If you’re waiting for good news, look no further! The Academy Alumni News Team is excited to announce some wonderful accomplishments made by some talented past students!

Ethan Williams (Class of 2020) was honored to be part of “Still Waiting For Lefty” at the Hollywood Fringe Festival. It’s been seventy-six years since Clifford Odets’ incredible play “Waiting For Lefty” premiered in New York, but fans are still raving over the story and its characters. The writer of the show, Gregory Crafts, used the original play as a framework, but “Still Waiting For Lefty” delves deep into the issues of today and deals with some emotional realities. They won the “Fringe Award for Drama,” “Fringe First Award,” “Fringe Award for Digital Innovation,” and “Producers’ Encore Award.”

Roshan Mathews (Class of 2019) was excited to announce wins for his hip-hop Bollywood musical, “Dirty Chai,” previously written about in an article. Click on the button to check it out!

The awards they received were the “HFF21 Encore Producers Award at The Actors Company,” “The Spare Tire Award” sponsored by Flat Tire Theatre Company, and the “Fringe Abroad Award” sponsored by the Gothenburg Fringe Festival.

Lastly, but certainly not least, Academy graduate Sarah Paulson (Class of 1992) stars in American Crime Story: Impeachment as Linda Tripp, the former White House secretary who exposed the Bill Clinton-Monica Lewinsky affair. The series premiered on September 7th but the next episode airs on September 14th.


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