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Roshan Mathews stars in hip-hop Bollywood musical 'Dirty Chai'

Updated: Aug 26, 2021

Recent academy graduate Roshan Mathews (Class of 2019) can be seen singing on stage at the Hollywood Fringe Festival! He stars in a hip-hop Bollywood musical called “Dirty Chai.” The musical is described as “colorful, crazy, and full of heart!”

See the synopsis below for more details:

“Chai’s parents have promised her to a nice Indian boy and the wedding is in ten days. With her back against the wall, not yet ready to give in to this assault on her freedoms, Chai leaves home but unexpectedly falls in love… with a fearless American girl, Ronnie, and is trapped between upholding her family’s traditions or following her heart, which goes against everything she’s been taught.”

Roshan Mathews has worked on projects such as “Dry,” “Audu,” and “American Hate.” You can find more information about the Hollywood Fringe Festival at


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