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Alexander Hodge redefines the role of Asian men onscreen

A 2016 graduate, Alexander Hodge has built a successful career as an actor, starring in a wide range of projects in just a few short years. Born in Australia, Hodge grew up in what he calls the “Brooklyn of Sydney,” to a father of Irish descent and a mother of Chinese heritage raised in Singapore. At first, Hodge was drawn to sport—particularly rugby, one of Australia’s most popular—and was involved in this until his early adult life.

His relationship with acting began in his teens after his dismissal from a woodworking class. Having the option between taking a drama class or a history class, the choice was easy; “… I was like, ‘I’m not doing history because I hate writing’… I decided to take drama because I thought it was just make-believe. Found out that it’s not just make-believe… it was the first class I actually ever got an A grade, so I thought, I may as well keep it up.”

Perhaps the greatest accomplishment—thus far—of Hodge’s career has been on HBO’s “Insecure.” Cast as Andrew Tan in season 3 of the series, Hodge instantly became a fan favorite, earning the nickname “Asian Bae” across fan forums and a trending hashtag. It could be perceived as offensive, but Hodge prefers to see it as a sign of progress—Asian men are rarely cast as romantic leads in Hollywood.

In 2016, two years before joining “Insecure,” Hodge himself was an avid fan of the series. Fresh out of drama school he was introduced, almost by happenstance, to the show’s first episode. He promptly fell in love: “I binged every episode that was out—I think it was the first half of the season—and then I was a massive fan of the show ever since.” After an onscreen breakup with love interest Molly, his future on the show is up in the air.

Moving forward, Hodge has a currently unnamed role in director Steven K. Tsuchida’s “Resort to Love,” and a starring role in “Painkiller”—a new sci-fi series set to air later this year.


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