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Anna Greene Stars in Two Films, Months After Graduation

Updated: Oct 20, 2020

The speed at which Anna Greene (Class of 2020) attained these roles is a feat unto itself.

"Paintless", a short, is set in the year 2025 where the existence of God is proven real. Greene portrays a young woman on the verge of ending her life, but must get permission from a Priest before doing so. She spins tales and elaborate stories until he finally gives her permission.

In "It's Not You, It's Me", a feature, Greene plays the sister of the love interest. She landed the role almost by happenstance, having met with the director for a different project, he later reached out to her and offered the role upfront. The role, Carrie, was close to Greene's own personality. "Carrie is a opportunist in life... and a big 'shoe girl'-- like me!" says Greene.

The film is set to release on Amazon Prime in the coming months.

Follow her career on instagram and imdb.


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