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Arturo Castro stars alongside Joseph Gordon-Levitt in 'Mr. Corman'

Updated: Sep 3, 2021

Want to see Academy graduate Arturo Castro (Class of 2007) on the new Apple TV+ streaming service? Then check out a show called “Mr. Corman” that was written and directed by, and stars Joseph Gordon-Levitt.

The show follows a teacher, played by Joseph Gordon-Levitt, as he struggles with life’s impending questions, decisions, and unavoidable moments all through the mind of Mr. Corman and his friends. There are times when the show turns animated, then into a musical dance number, and of course regular TV. It was roughly based on Joseph Gordon-Levitt’s life growing up.

Mr. Castro got to talk about his experience working on the show:

"It speaks to Joe's generosity as an artist to let this character have the spotlight. And part of the joy of this show is that my character just happens to be Latin… My ethnicity has nothing to do with the inner struggles of the character, which is really rare."

Arturo Castro plays a character named Victor, Mr. Corman’s best friend. His time on the show was described as “pure joy” and that he’s “incredibly thankful to get to work on such an amazing show.” Mr. Castro can be seen on other shows/films such as “Broad City,” “Billy Lynn’s Long Halftime Walk,” and “Bushwick.”


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