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Carmen Soo: Actress, Model, Entrepreneur

Past student Carmen Soo’s career has been nothing shy of extraordinary. A jack-of-all-trades, Soo has worked in a variety of different fields: entertainment, business ownership, and modeling, just to name a few. Soo is highly educated, holding a bachelor’s degree in business management, is a fluent speaker of Malay, Cantonese, and English (and is working on her Tagalog), and is part owner of a boutique located in Bangsar.

Her modeling career began at 17 before making the move to Hong Kong to further this. Her modeling type, if you will, is well-suited to print and television, and as such she has appeared in several prominent publications such as New Man, V Mag, New Tide GLAM and Nu You.

In 2018, Soo’s acting career reached a new high when she played Francesca Shaw in the record-breaking, box office shattering “Crazy Rich Asians.” Thrusting her into international limelight, Soo’s work before this centered on regional productions: the filipino series “Your Song,” HBO Asia’s “Dead Mine,” the Singaporean horror film “Ghost Child,” and in the Jackie Chan movie “Gorgeous.”

A prominent personality, you can find Soo working as a host on several projects. In 2009, Soo was a judge on “It’s Showtime,” and in 2010 became a co-host on “Wowowee.” Carmen Soo has also served as brand ambassador for the international watch brand Longines, and the clothing brand Uniqlo Malaysia.

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