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Catch new play 'Forever' with alum Roshan Mathews

Class of 2019 graduate Roshan Mathews stars in "Forever," a new play from San Francisco based theater company Bay Area Drama Company. The piece is written by Varun Arvind and Namita Vakil, with direction by Rita Bhatia.

SYNOPSIS: Angela is grieving the loss of her friend Vihan. A stranger named Arjun (Roshan Mathews) shows up at the funeral. Who is Arjun? And why is he at the funeral of a man he has never met before. Angela and Arjun start talking. First, about their relationship with Vihan and then about themselves. Day turns into night. Could this chance encounter become something more? Forever is a story of courage... and the wonderful complexity of relationships.

Premiering this weekend, find tickets here.


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