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Jennifer Fouché Returns as 'Mama'

Photo Credit: Broadway World

“It’s important for this show to run in this time. … The fact that there’s an obsession with celebrity, there’s an obsession with fame, both the people who have it, the people who want it, the people who consume it, so I think that’s important.”

Jennifer Fouché (Class of 2007) returns as Matron “Mama” Morton in Broadway’s Chicago at the Ambassador Theatre on 49th Street.

A dream role for Fouché, her turn as Mama came to fruition in 2018 when she was booked for the Broadway tour. When the tour ended in 2019, Fouche moved on to other things, fulfilled that she got to live out a dream. But that was not to be the end of her journey with Chicago. In October of 2021, Jennifer was set to make her Broadway debut as the standby to the lead role in the new musical Chicken & Biscuits when she got a call that Lillias White, who was playing Mama on Broadway at the time, had to be out for a week and could she step in. Through hesitation, Fouché went to her Biscuits producer and asked if she could take a week off. ‘[S]o I made my Broadway debut in Chicken & Biscuits on October 11th, and then ten days later, I made my on-stage Broadway debut in Chicago on October 21st. I’ll never forget that, and it was so fitting that my on-stage Broadway debut was in this show that I love so much.”

Fouché has appeared in Off-Broadway productions of Sistas the Musical and Richard III. She has appeared on the television shows Jessica Jones and Person of Interest, as well as in the film Crown Heights.

She was called to take up the mantle of Mama on Broadway once again on June 5th, 2023, and is still with the cast. Visit the Chicago website for more information and tickets.


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