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REEMERGENCE: A Queer Visual Album

Catch "REEMERGENCE: A Queer Visual Album" available on Stellar Tickets. Premiering virtually on Wednesday, June 30th at 7PM EST, the piece is available on streaming through Saturday July 3rd. Watch the trailer here.

The production features a host of Academy alumni including: Nicola Murphy (Producer, Director), Catriona Rubenis-Stevens (Associate Producer, Director), Mirko Faienza (Key Grip, 2nd Assistant Camera), Siarra Ingram (Featured Performer, Production Assistant), Isaias Badilla, Carolyn Carothers, Aliza Ciara, Marianna Cossu, Lova Hellberg, and Aja Mahogany and Goran Popovic (Featured Performers). The production is presented by On The Quays, an international production company based in New York City dedicated to creating and producing work in theatre, film, and digital media, OTQ is inspired to tell relevant and engaging stories.

The logline reads as follows:

REEMERGENCE is a Queer musical experience that spans 5 different time periods through the artistic lens of 5 directors -- Darren Lee (Chicago, Allegiance), Catriona Rubenis-Stevens (Feeling Through), Nicola Murphy (FLOAT) , Zhailon Levingston (Tina, Hadestown + the upcoming Chicken and Biscuits), and Matt Engle. With musical arrangements, production, and orchestrations by Keiji Ishiguri; an original song of Queer resilience by Truth Bachman; choreography by Stephanie Klemons (Hamilton); and beautifully filmed by Director of Photography, Saro Varjabedian; this musical celebration pays tribute to Queerness from the Old Roaring Twenties to the New.

A portion of ticket sales will be donated to The Ali Forney Center, an organization that protects LGBTQ youths from the harms of homelessness and empowers them with the tools needed to live independently.

Tickets available here.


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