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Yasmin Le Comte wins award for short film 'Trapp/e.d'

Updated: Oct 12, 2021

Creating art can be hard in difficult times, especially a pandemic, but that didn’t stop alumnus Yasmin Le Comte (Class of 2019) from pursuing her passion for filmmaking and acting. She was honored to be part of a short psychological thriller called “Trapp/e.d.” The film was shot in May of 2021 by director, writer, and producer Therese Gotlib.

Yasmin Le Comte’s powerful performance earned her the “Best Actress Award” in the Amsterdam Short Film Festival for her lead role. It’s the first of many awards sure to come for this talented cast and crew, we're sure of it!

They have submitted to several more festivals, including the Toronto International Film Festival, Cannes International Film Festival, Dumbo Film Festival, Moonrise Film Festival, New York Short Film Festival, Montreal Film Festival, and the Los Angeles International Film Festival.

Check out the trailer or watch the film here:


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